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Mei Fang
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Mei is an enthusiastic and creative urban planner who has worked in the planning profession area for about seven years. Her strengths are Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and mapping. She has a passion for urban areas and enjoys seeing how the city thrives/developed and how the community will shape people’s lives. She loves to work with communities and making positive contributions to the public.

 I became a planner/ engineer because…  I was always fascinated by the urban tissue of different cities, and curious about why it was shaped in that way. I would try to figure out the history, culture that influenced the city and residents’ habits. I think enjoying life is the best thing and the most important aspect of life, so I want to create a “Utopian Society” for people to live in. Also, good planning would bring people joy and happiness.

 What would be her dream project?  My dream project would be to work on urban design for a community to create a charming landscape and pleasant environment, including a unique character. It would be an ideal place for residents as well as businesses. The design not only improves the community’s beautification but also brings opportunities for a local business.

 If I weren't a planner/ engineer…  I would be a travel blogger because traveling is one of my favorite things to do. It was a way for me to understand cities all over the world and know about their culture/history.


Master of Community Planning - University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of Urban Design - Chongqing University


American Planning Association

Women's Transportation Seminar

 Favorite Things To Do 

I love traveling and photography, also interested in fashion and music.

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