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James Davenport
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James has over twenty years of experience working on key planning issues such as transportation, water quality, collaborative land use, and economic development. Prior to Nspiregreen, James worked from a regional and national perspective at both NACo and MWCOG, he has been able to research and disseminate information on the innovative approaches cities, counties and regions are using to address the enormous challenges they are facing today. Recently he worked for a transportation department in Prince William County. As a Regional Planner, he represented the county in regional meetings and worked with planners and staff from other localities and transit agencies to help the region plan for its transportation future. In addition, he produced and submitted many project applications to help fund sidewalk/trail and highway projects in the County. 

 I became a planner/ engineer because…  I like to help identify solutions that meet the three-legged stool principle of planning: encouraging economic growth/prosperity, protecting environmental/historic resources, and maintaining equity among citizens in their communities. I also like to bring people together through a charrette, whether within a neighborhood or a corridor and help them develop an identity that distinguishes their community from other communities. I provide an opportunity for people to identify and promote a key feature that displays the unique character of their community and set a vision for its future.

 What would be his dream project?  From a macro perspective – I would like to produce and broadcast a weekly series on the Discovery Channel or the History Channel in which I present to the viewers the history of planning. From a micro perspective – My dream project would be planning and implementing pedestrian improvements along King Street on the Alexandria/Arlington border that runs from Quaker Lane to N. Beauregard Avenue/S. Walter Reed Drive.

 If I weren't a planner/ engineer…  I would have followed my father’s footsteps into the insurance and securities business. I was looking to become a retirement and investment advisor for a local bank, but I decided to dedicate my energies in going to grad school and obtain my master’s in urban and Regional planning at VCU


Historic Preservation Program - Goucher College Center of Continuing Studies
Master of Urban and Regional Planning - Virginia Commonwealth University
B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Psychology - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University



American Planning Association, 1997-Present
American Institute of Certified Planners, Earned in 2007
The Road Gang, 2013 – Present
Transportation Research Board/Transportation Safety Planning Subcommittee, 2013 – Present
Arlington County Transit Advisory Committee, 2014 – Present
Center for Watershed Protection Board of Directors, 2010 – 2012

 Favorite Things To Do I like to play the guitar, ride my bike, hike, and read. While I was growing up, I did a lot of fishing with my Dad.

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